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01Stylish touch screen design
New design, 360 degree smog mask, fresh breath to care for your health
02Intelligent stepless speed change
Adjust the wind speed according to the environment, let you enjoy the natural breathing while running
03Humanized design
Intelligent charging, replacement of the filter element, longer life. healthier.
04Soft silicone
The soft silicone material allows you to enjoy the baby's pacifier-like feel and fit more comfortably.

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Dongguan Jiuyan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional technology enterprise that has long been focusing on the research, development, production and sales of electrolyzed water technology and air purification, intelligent breathing masks and healthy life series products. We are not only the producer of electrolyzed water, but also the technical solution supplier of electrolyzed water. We specialize in providing OEM and ODM, producing hydrogen-rich water cups, hydrogen-rich water machines, hydrogen-rich ventilators, smart breathing masks, air purifiers, etc. Healthy living products.


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